Last night’s dinner

Here is the upside down pizza with one piece out of it. The cookies went down a treat too. They even taste pretty darn healthy with all those bananas and oats.

Tonight’s dinner
Well, my baby is cutting her first tooth and has been awake all night and all yesterday and all the night before. Thanks to my amazing friend Michelle I am going to be able to have a nap this morning but otherwise it is walk and jiggle, walk and jiggle (the baby-hopefully not my post-partum body). How is it possible to feel so incredibly useless? How does anyone cope without the incredible community of women that I am lucky enough to be a part of? Cassie is on her way over right now with a homeopathic remmedy for teething. My next door neighbour is ready to take Madison at anytime…

So…what’s for dinner?

Tonight is what we call fridge choice. Open the fridge and make your choice. There is leftover moussaka and upside down pizza. There is salad and salami and cheese. There are eggs and toast. There is a tired Mommy in the house and a baby who screams a lot. How many teeth does she really need?