Last night’s dinner

This isn’t actually last night’s mussells. It is the night that I wrote about yesterday. You can see Brent and his little girl in the background. ADORABLE!

Tonight’s dinner
Well, the four hours were just a fluke and my poor baby was up most of the night last night too. I think we are getting better-she was just starving every two hours and still has a rash on her little bum. Poor kiddo.

Anyway, we had the pleasure of being asked to my friends’ house tonight for dinner. Paul and Michelle also agreed to be Madison’s godparents which was exceptionally sweet of them. We had a fab spanish potroast (mmmm…prosciuto in the sauce), they took turns holding the babboo and it was a great evening.

My husband has to go to work tomorrow though and he’s struggling as much as I am to get any shut-eye even when she is asleep as you anticipate the next round of crying. Here is my remmedy for that.

Grandma Kelly’s hot toddy
Put all the ingredients in a glass with spoon in it (the spoon prevents the glass from cracking). 1 T. of honey, juice of 1/2 a lemon, a healthy shot of brandy or whiskey and top-up with boiling water.

Drink it as hot as you can and lay down as this will lay you flat.