Monday’s dinner

Here is the Rachael Ray’s Taco Pasta (it even makes enough for a bit of leftovers). I didn’t put lettuce and tomato on mine as I couldn’t cut them with one hand, while juggling the baby. Monday night was then a nightmare of wakefulness and then my amazing husband took Tuesday off so that I could get some sleep and not lose my mind completely. Tuesday’s dinner was bread and cheese. Not bad but not needing a picture.

Tonight’s dinner
I went on my first mommy playdate today. What I didn’t know is that these playdates are all about keeping the mommy sane and having someone to talk to who understands when you don’t finish a sentence. These are incredbly intelligent and well-educated women (two teachers, an H.R. manager and a nurse) who now spend their time blowing raspberries to distract a baby. Cool.

I needed something then that could sit and get ready while I was gone but I’ve been using my slowcooker WAY too much and it is almost 20 degrees out.

Ginger Turkey with chili vegetables
In a bowl mix; 3 T. sesame oil, 1T. thinly, sliced stem ginger (this is in a syrup and a can will last you until the end of time-it is the mmmmm taste that you get in a lot of takeaway), splash of maple syrup, 2 T. rice wine vinegar and the same of soy sauce. Add in turkey legs (frozen or thawed) and let marinade in the fridge for the day or however long you have. Bake at 350 for approx. 30 minutes or until meat is cooked through. You can use this marinade for; chicken, pork or even fish (try it with salmon).

I actually doubled the marinade tonight as I want it to flavour some tofu that I intend to use for sandwiches on the weekend.

Chili vegetables
In a mixing cup mix; 2 T. of water, 3 T. sweet chili sauce (Costco sells this in a HUGE bottle), 2 tsp. apricot jam.

Stirfry your veg (I used brocolli and mushrooms as they were what needed to be used up) with the sauce until vegetables are crisp cooked (mine took under five minutes).

Serve the whole thing with rice (I always throw-in a bit of chicken or beef stock when I cook rice) and I had some butternut squash on hand so we had that too.