Last night’s dinner

Loved this dinner so much that I even took two pictures. The bark on the ham was a little addictive. Is it bad to eat that much fat?

Tonight’s dinner
Today I was out to my school to say “hey” to all the great people I work with, went out to lunch with the wonderful Cassie and then an e-test for the car. However, I still want something tasty for dinner…homemade pizza will do the trick.

Before I give the recipe though I just want to pose a query to other parents because I’m so new at this. What do you do when you meet another parent when you are out and about and they and their kid are NOT NICE?

The scenario:
I’m at a coffee shop and I have books out of the diaper bag for my friend’s wee girl. Another woman comes in and her little guy wants to read them. She asks me if that is ok and I say “of course, Madison is an only child and I want her to know how to share and this is the only way that she’ll be exposed to it”.


THEN…friend’s little girl is playing with a ball and is sharing with the woman’s child (it was the coffee shop’s ball but M was there first and at two years old-sharing is pretty generous). The ball gets away from the kids and this woman picks it up and instead of giving it to little M right beside her, she takes it across the room to her kid and makes it clear that sharing time is now over.

Alrighty then.

She proceeds to take out more toys from her bag and won’t let little M play with them.

Apparently my friend and I are the only ones wanting our children to learn how to play well with others. This is my first experience with a parent like this. I’m sure it will happen again.

She sits and complains to her friend about all the time that her nanny “owes her”. Five minutes later she explains to the friend how convenient it is with the nanny as; if she’s an hour late coming from wherever it is no big deal, the nanny cleans her house, makes dinner for them and as this woman having a party next week the nanny is making spring rolls with her free time.

Wow…good thing that nanny is paying back six hours (by the way, she’s going to do it on a Saturday and is giving 10 hours to replace the six as the kid is going to be sleeping a lot of the time) 😦 .

Ok-I’m done.

On with the food.

Homemade Pizza
Look at the dough recipe for the upside-down pizza. I put it on a pizza stone (or cookie sheet with a silicone mat on it) and bake until it is cooked through.

THEN add to the top any of the ingredients that you really enjoy. You won’t have a soggy crust. I use pizza to clean-up ingredients in the fridge so we’ll be having; artichoke hearts (opened a can the other day for something else), the last of a package of salami, a bit of tomato sauce that I had leftover and froze in a baggie, mushrooms, red pepper, mozzarella and when it comes out of the oven I’ll top it with some chopped arugula. Yummmm.

You could use anything; corn, brocolli, chopped tomatoes, chopped cooked potatoes (great if you use a white sauce), pesto, shrimp, chicken…

I think the pizza is going to make me feel better. Maybe some merlot too.