Last night’s dinner

I hate to admit it but we likely ate more fritters than we did anything healthy. Stephen loved them. He loved them so much that the next time I do something really stupid and need to remind him that he didn’t make a mistake getting married-these are what I will make.

Now a couple of things to keep in mind:
1) I’m not a fan of deep frying so when I do succumb I like to do a huge batch. I doubled this recipe and it was just great.
2) I didn’t make the chocolate sauce. I was intending on using a bit of the leftover fondue but they didn’t even need it.
3) They like to stick to the bottom of the pan so give them a little help to float or you’ll end-up with burnt bottoms and soggy/oily fritters.
4) The dough is actually more like a batter so use a large spoon to gently lower them into the oil so you don’t get splashed.

Tonight’s dinner
We ate a lot of fritters last night. I mean A LOT. Tonight is a salad night and I have to give the extra fritters away to the neighbours or I will be as lumpy a shape as the fritters.

We’ll have then, a mix of sorrel (from the garden), arugula, leaf lettuce, strawberries, leftover chicken from the freezer, a handful of slivered almonds (toasted) and the rest of that mustard dressing.

If we’re feeling less than virtuous we’ll also have the last of the fennel buns 🙂