Last night’s dinner

Actually, this is Wednesday night’s dinner but last night a nice chicken sandwich was eaten in the car as I raced my Mom and the baby back to Ottawa. Neither of them were thrilled to be in the car.

The pie was a BIG hit with Sue even saying that it was her favourite treat that I had made ever. Yay! How satisfying. It’s also all gone now.

Tonight’s dinner
My Mom’s disease is making it so that she doesn’t like to eat something that isn’t completely familar. I like to experiment and this is not a good combination. I’ve decided then to made homemade hamburgers and buns (woot to the woot! for the breadmaker) and then just a big salad.

My friend Sara gave me a quickie salad dressing recipe the other day that I am dying to make and can guarantee will be a big hit. It is equal parts; olive oil, balsamic and maple syrup. Simple and delicious.

The burgers are just; worsteshire, panko, an egg, 1 tsp dijon, chopped thyme from the garden and about a tablespoon of Epicure’s french onion dip mix to a pound of ground beef.

The buns are the good old recipe that I have already detailed but this time I’m adding flax seeds to sneak in some Omega-3’s. The arthritis doctor that we were at yesterday was rhapsodizing about Omega-3’s and has put Mom on a massive dose each day to aid her knee and hands. Fingers crossed because it is also linked to an improvement in brain function.