Last night’s dinner

This is actually a photo of tonight’s dinner which is made up of part of last night’s chicken fest. This is a nice chicken pot pie. All you do (I do this as I’m cleaning up the kitchen so that I don’t dirty even more dishes-pet peeve) is place the leftover gravy, chicken and vegetables (we had carrots, peas and green beans but it could be anything) and place them in a casserole dish. You can freeze the mixture at that point or just cover with foil and put in the fridge. About 3/4 of an hour before you want to eat you top the pie with pastry (you can easily use bought puff pastry, pie crust or even buttered layers of filo OR if you have lots of leftover mashed potato use that) and put in the oven until everything bubbles and the pastry is golden brown.

Last night I started the meal off with baguette and a platter that was layered with prosciutto then shavings of parmesan then drizzled in balsamic and topped with coarsely ground black pepper. Yummy all the time and an easy appetizer to bring to someone on short notice.

I’m off to have a glass of wine now as I really should be golfing with the girls (even have my clubs in the car) but the husband unit had to work late at the last minute and I’m feeling a little sorry for myself. Let’s face it though-if this is my biggest problem then life is preetty darn great.