Last night’s dinner

We unexpectedly were at home for dinner last night which was still a treat because we’re going to have a pretty busy weekend. It meant that I was able to use up some ingredients in the fridge; extra eggs, cheese, mushrooms, asparagus (the first of the season) and cooked potatoes. This meant we had a delish Spanish-tortilla.

This again isn’t really a recipe but rather a method, the only things that need to be consistently there are the potatoes and the eggs-anything else you can add to your whim or your fridge’s whim. I’m going to top mine with a bit of cheese and some chopped chives from the garden.

Turn on your oven to 350 degrees.

Heat an ovenproof skillet on the top of the stove and add a pat of butter. Layer in potatoes (sliced about 1/4 of an inch thick) and any other veg that you have hanging around that are cooked. You can even cook-up a bit of crumbled chorizo (just take the casing off and omit the butter as the sausage will give off a fair amount of fat) at this point.

Top with eight eggs that have been whisked with a shot of water and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Toss your tortilla into the oven and cook until the mixture souffles up and is cooked through (about 10 min.).

To serve; put a platter upside down on the skillet and turn over.

Have this with a nice salad or simply a sliced tomato.

This is a handy appetizer to do too and can even be served cold.

Tonight’s dinner

I’m actually going to be dining out tonight but I am going to share what I’m making for brunch on Saturday for my mom.

My sister is going to bring one of her amazing salads (very creative and sure to show-up here at some point) and a selection of goodies from Pusatari’s. Knowing her she will make sure there is something extra special for me with no dairy in it.

My contributions are a bottle (or two) of rose that we have been making in the basement (way better than that sounds) and a strata. I’ll make it tonight and bake it Saturday morning.

In a lasagne pan layer: 1/2 inch thick slices of french stick then soft goat’s cheese, sliced tomatoes, spinach, fresh basil (or dried if you don’t have any fresh on hand), shredded cheddar and salt and pepper. Repeat these two layers ending with cheddar cheese. In a bowl, crack 10 eggs and whisk with enough milk to make the mixture custard coloured. Add freshly grated nutmeg and zest from 1/2 a lemon.

Cover with cling film and let sit in the fridge (you can avoid this stage if you don’t have the time but it makes it handy for Christmas or any other occassion to do this the night before).

Bake until set and puffy (about 45 minutes).