Last night’s dinner

We had a lovely roast beef at Sue’s with rosemary potatoes, spring greens and roasted peppers. My contribution was dessert (although Sue also had a selection of chocolates and port mmmmmm…).

Here is the finished cake from yesterday. I decided at the last minute to not make chocolate icing but instead cut-up peaches and made them drunk with a healthy dose of amaretto.

Excuse this second shot as it was the best I could do after a healthy glass (or two) of port and some sea salt chocolate.

Tonight’s dinner

We are trying to get some outside work done today (build/assemble a gazebo, powerwash the house, clean-up some rubble…) so dinner needs to babysit itself. I’ve taken a pork shoulder roast and have been marinating it in pesto as it thaws. When I go to cook it I’ll slice it into chops and bbq. A bit of tomato and mint salad and we’ll be good to go.

I got this idea from “Diners, drive-ins and dives” when one place did their take on green eggs and ham. I think maybe I watch too much of the Food Network.

I happened to have some homemade pesto (every so often I go totally crazy and make an enourmous batch which I then freeze in ziploc bags) but Costco has a terrific Kirkland brand that I get quite a bit.