Last night’s dinner

We ate our goodies with a nice bottle of rose. Keep in mind that if you don’t like anchovies this dish still needs them or when you are eating it it is just “missing that little something”. They really melt into the dish but if you REALLY don’t like them you can mash them up and spread onto the base as a sauce. A layer of tapenade is also nice added to this.

Tonight’s dinner
It’s rainy and yucky and I’m going to not be able to take the baby on a walk so it is “Dance Mommy! Dance!” the whole day. Slowcooker again it is. I’ve got a nice little lamb roast that I will throw in with some red wine, rosemary, chili flakes, garlic, potatoes, whole onions, chunks of carrot and a bit of worstershire. Starting the meat from frozen I can have it burble away the entire day and still have incredibly tender meat when we go to eat it tonight.