Last night’s dinner

These were yummy and quite a bit different from what I usually make. I’m looking forward to seeing how they freeze.

Tonight’s dinner

We’re pretty warm and sticky today so I want to cook everything on the BBQ to hopefully avoid turning on the air conditioner.

I have a nice big chicken for us, Peter and the Barbeaus so I’m going to split it along the back and open it flat. This is called spatchcock. I’ve made a paste of olive oil and herbs (the Epicure Tuscan blend; lavendar, rosemary, thyme…) and will do both sides of the bird. I’ll then put it in a bbq basket and get this bad boy cooking on a moderate heat. Right before I take it off I’ll drizzle the whole thing with honey and let it carmelize the skin.

We’ll have a herb salad, baked potatoes and a strawberry pie for dessert (toss the strawberries-my last from the freezer-with sugar, vanilla and cornstarch and top the whole thing with crumble topping).