Sorry but no picture from the last couple of nights but we’ve had the pizza with carmelized onions (yummmmm) and local sausages with cheddar last night.

Tonight’s dinner

There is no way that I’ll be putting the oven on again today so I’ve got turkey wings in the fridge marinating in; olive oil, dill, lemon zest, roasted garlic, lemon juice, fresh oregano and chunky cracked pepper. I’ll cook this on the bbq in foil to start with and finish them on the grill.

We’ll have with it a salad made of watermelon, pepper, fresh mint and feta. This is a great little appetizer too if you want to put everything on a skewer.

We were at the Main St. Farmer’s Market yesterday and got the feta from Camreg Station Farm ( These folks make fantastic sheep’s cheese in a wide variety of flavours. Check this Farmer’s Market out on Saturdays-you won’t be disappointed.

Better run the frozen chunk of banana that Madison has been playing with is losing its charm.