Last night’s dinner

Here are the nice big batch of buns ready to snack on. I am going to have to get these into the freezer quickly as I can see myself od’ing on carbs because of them.

Here is the whole meal together; salmon (terrific and stayed really moist due to the prosciutto), sliced tomatoes, potatoes (from the garden) par-boiled and then sauteed with mushrooms.

Too full for even a bit of dessert-which is good because I didn’t make any.

Tonight’s dinner

That’s a lot of meat in the last couple of days so tonight we’ll have tofu satay with brown rice and cut-up cucumber.

I’m out and about for the day and swimming is at 6:00 so I want something quick. This morning I am putting chunks of tofu and whole mushrooms to marinade in peanut sauce. I made the peanut sauce when we had satay a little while ago and froze half the batch (“cook once-eat twice” should be my mantra).

At dinner time I will just skewer the tofu and mushrooms and then grill the whole thing until carmelized.