Last night’s dinner

Terrific recipe! I changed it a bit though as I didn’t want to go and get other ingredients; replaced celery with some chopped mushrooms, added more beef as I didn’t have the sausage thawed and I decided chili sauce must mean sweet thai chili sauce.

I think this would be great with veggie ground round or ground poultry too.

Tonight’s dinner

We’re just going to have chicken pot pie (from the leftovers of Tuesday’s dinner) but I’m going to be making dill pickles to put in the pantry for the winter. This recipe is from a woman that my sister worked for a million years ago in a Chinese food restaurant. The pickles are always crunchy and have a nice fresh taste all through.

1) Soak your small cucumbers in the sink with very cold water for a couple of hours.

2) Sterilize your large jars and pack with the whole cucumbers.

3) Add 4 halved cloves and two large sprigs of dill.

4) For eight jars. In a pot bring to a boil; 12 cups of water, 2/3 cup of pickling salt and 4 cups of vinegar.

5) Fill your jars with the pickling mix and then process in boiling water for 11 minutes.

6) Store for a minimum of eight weeks before eating.

A variation that I might try in a later batch this year is sticking a thin, hot chili into the jars to pickle too.