I’ve been at work late the last three nights and the new groceries came last night and I have tonnes of veg to get through.  I’ll be able to assemble this retro casserole in a flash. The woman that writes this blog just kills me and the dinner sounds really tasty too.

Six Layers of Fury Dinner: You Will Be Hungry

Mind-Bending Ingredients:
2 cups sliced angry and raw potatoes
2 cups chopped celery with something to prove
2 cups ground beef so fresh it’s still moo-ing
1 cup onion, sliced by Jackie Chan fighting off three ninjas
1 cup finely cut green peppers picked by a migrant worker with dreams of becoming a internationally-known songstress
2 cups cooked tomatoes, dripping with lycopene
2 tsp salt gathered by slave laborers in SE Asia while Angelina Jolie protests nearby
1/4 tsp pepper so spicy it’s kept under lock and key – until Jason Bourne is on the scene

Directions – Destroy After Reading:
1. Layer ingredients in a shallow 9 x 12 baking dish, careful not to trigger the sensitive detonation device buried within.
2. Bake for 2 hours at 350 degrees, or for only 3 minutes when the sun goes supernova after North Korean spies hijack a nuclear missile.
What do you think? Shall I call Spielberg?