I don’t tend to make resolutions at New Year’s as I usually break them about 30 seconds later. This year though I thought I would make a couple that are fairly realistic and see how they go.

1) I want to learn how to use chopsticks properly. I get the job done with them now but it is far from elegant.

2) Spend more time with friends and don’t let other things get in the way. The world will not end if my kitchen floor does not get scrubbed. My friends, of course, include my family.

3) Savour every second with my daughter. Slow down and don’t try to rush-if we don’t somewhere on time then the world will also not end.

4) Spend less money or at least make sure it is spent wisely. I am still trying to make sure that I buy less stuff. If something is purchased then it is; needed and exquisite. Why just have a lot of things?