Still being relatively new to blogging I am beyond thrilled when someone posts a comment on my blog that I don’t actually know!

Here is a super easy latke recipe just for Mrs. whose site I have been having a terrific time reading.

You can make this recipe just with potatoes or you can use a combination of potato, zucchinni and shredded carrot. All are really tasty.

For something different, if you have leftover cooked veg (especially mashed potato) try my Grandmother’s potato cake recipe OR make fish cakes.

Grate 2 cups of veg (at least half being potato), place in a tea towel and squeeze out as much moisture as possible.

Add; three eggs, 2 T. of flour (if they are not holding together you can add-up to 2 more T. of flour), salt and pepper, dash of nutmeg and 1 T. of grated onion. You can also add; fresh parsley (chopped), dill, corn, hot peppers, spring onions, chives…

Have a pan on the stove heating with oil (I like to use canola but you can use anything but extra virgin as it smokes very easily). Test the pan to see if the oil is hot enough by dropping a teaspoon of batter in-if it sizzles you are good!

Add the batter to the pan (each latke) should be around 3 inches in diameter. Don’t crowd your pan or you simply have the cakes boil in the oil and they will be yucky and greasy. Turn over once (letting each side get crunchy) and drain on a tea towel, lined plate.

You can make a huge batch of these, wrap them in foil and simply reheat whenever you want them.