I’ve decided to get more serious about saving money. I want to rent a cottage for at least a week this summer and I want to finish my master’s degree and one of the ways that I’m going to do this is to get rid of my morning coffee habit.

I took a suggestion from a few of the great blogs that I regularly peruse and kept a log of money that I spend. I was more than a bit upset to see what the actual total was of this habit. Reality is harsh when you see it on paper.

So…for Lent anyways I’ll give up my Starbucks habit and hopefully can continue this afterwards. This is going to hurt but that is also supposed to be what Lent is about. Should I feel guilty that this is also filling another purpose?

First Step: I’m going to make an enormous batch of muffins each week and have these as my treats in the morning and bring a bodum coffee maker to work from home.

I did this as an experiment last week and I think that I can now keep it up as long as I blog about it and keep myself accountable as a result.

This week’s muffins are the pear and honey ones that I have previously given the recipe for.