My husband said the other day when we were talking about the change in our eating habits due to food waste accountability that he loved the whole concept but that the name had a negative connotation to it as we eat really well even on ‘fridge choice’ nights and with leftovers transformed into something else.

I haven’t seen it that way but the fact that he was reading my blog (“because sometimes we don’t have a lot of time to talk and I like to know what you’re thinking…”) made me pretty happy. I also, obviously, need to work on my communication skills with my wonderful one-and-only.

The skinny this week: 1) 4 pancakes-I actually had plans to eat these, opened the container and…found fuzz. Ick! No maple syrup on that. 2) Half an orange-salvaged the other half but somehow it went pretty gross in less than a week (grrrr…) 3) Six pieces of chocolate fudge I found in the freezer that had turned colour-who wastes fudge?! and 4) A piece of tuna that was seared and I was going to have as a treat and forgot about!

Tomorrow, I’m going to go through my crafty plan at how to clean my messy freezer and use everything up this week.