In my quest to reform my spending habits I’m giving myself a series of challenges. I’ve pretty much got the Starbucks monkey off of my back (ONE time out last week so another day added to the end but…considering how I was doing before I’m fairly ok with this) so now it it time for another vice.

I LOVE books. I need them. I crave them. I wait impatiently for the next installment of a book series. I make my students love them…I also spend WAY too much money on them.

I am going to start using the library. I don’t like library books-they have a smell to them. I’ll get over it.

The babes obviously loves the library and I’d like to keep it that way.

This is the no-brainer solution to where we will go next time it is raining and she needs somewhere else to run around.

I’ve acted on this challenge twice so far including CrunchyChickens’ call for a book club based on “Better Off”. I’ve wanted to read this book for awhile. I had the Chapters site open, the book found when…I closed the window and learned how to navigate the library site instead.

The book is now on the way from a location on the other side of the city to a library that is within walking distance of my house (boooooo…me-for not doing this A LONG TIME AGO).

For more about this bookclub go to: