This week I donated to the composter:
1) 3 pumpkin muffins (how did you not get devoured?)
2) a little (like 2×2 inch chunk-but I’m trying to be honest here)
3) a quarter of a loaf of homemade bread (What the heck!!!!)

I’ve made a bit of a dent in the pantry downstairs but at least now it is on my concern radar.

I didn’t make the “Morning Glory” muffins because on Monday I got home from work to find…

Yay! Banana muffins made by the husband. They were so good that I even forgive him for using the dried cherries that I was saving for chocolate cookies.

I’ll take one of my alarmingly, pathetic pictures of our special Friday dessert (Guinness cake) as soon as I get that bad boy decorated.

In the meantime, make sure you checkout justjenns’ April Fools desserts. They are all jems.