I’m going to whip-up CAKE POPS!  I’m actually doing this not just for the husband’s birthday week but for a potluck at work on Thursday.  I knew they were going to take awhile so I started WAY in advance.

I’ve seen these everywhere lately (ok mostly when I have my nose pressed against the glass at the Starbuck’s) and thought they would be a lot of fun for birthday week and fill my potluck needs.

I also believe I’ve figured-out how they make them by a snippet of a show I caught the other day on the Food Network.

The cake stays on the stick and is so moist because you break-up a baked cake, beat it with some of icing, form a ball and put it on a stick. Ok, let’s give this a go!

I made a really basic yellow cake (see previous post) and the most basic of icing by beating butter, a dash of vanilla and icing sugar together.  I added about 1 cup of icing to 1 sheet cake that was all smooshed-up.

Formed them into balls (really mushed things together) and froze them for a few minutes.

Then the balls got coated in chocolate that was melted over a pan of water

and I set them down on a bed of sprinkles.

I made the cake one night, the icing the next and last night did the assembly.  They are really cute but I’m not sure they will be reproduced because they were pretty fiddly.

Yes.  This is my very messy fridge.  The organic bin had just been delivered and it was a bit of a gong show fitting all of these in.

Hey!  Michelle!  Did you notice I used a proper camera?  Ok, I’m still not a great photographer but I’ll try harder.