Every second week a colleague and myself  run the “Epicurean Club” in our school.  We have it open to all the kids in the school but take the first 24 kids that show-up.  We’ve been able to sell our products to staff members so the club is free and we’ve tried to pick unique foods to make that represent the various backgrounds of our kids.  So far this year we’ve made: red velvet cupcakes, gingerbread, chutney, stuffed meatballs, gyozza, springrolls…tonight we make vegetarian sushi.

So that the kids can focus on the technique and their cutting skills I made the sushi rice last night.

All you do is take 2 cups sushi rice,

rinse it several times in cold water, place it in a pot with enough cold water cover the rice once over.  Cook on high heat until the rice is tender (about 15 minutes). 

Meanwhile, in a separate pot combine; 2 T. sugar, 1 tsp. salt, 1/4 cup mirin, 1/3 cup rice vinegar (NOT seasoned) and heat until sugar is disolved.

Add to the still warm rice and chill until totally cooled (like I said, I made this last night to use tonight with the kids).

I’ll be showing the kids the method that I learned in this handy book and putting in it; tofu marinated in chillis, strips of carrot, and strips of avocado. The trick is to put a piece of plastic wrap on your work surface, warm your nori pieces over the oven element then layer on the sushi rice and the rest of the fillings.  The plastic wrap is then used to help you roll as well as, wrapping the roll until you want to cut and eat it.  I like a bit of wasabi and soy sauce with mine.

Today is also the day that it is my turn to make lunch for “the girls”.  We’ve got pumpkin ravioli with pesto and cheese AND as I’m organizing the grade six night Parent night I felt it only right that I make dinner for the folks that I’ve talked into staying so late this evening.  I made Tyler Florence’s thai chicken soup again.  I could drink gallons of this stuff.

This was my basket ready to go to work today.

AND I even remembered to bring toys from home for the kids that will need babysitting while their folks are touring our school.  Whoosh!  Bring on Friday!