I’m really new to experiencing Mother’s Day.

I have one under my belt so far and am still unsure what my expectations should be.  I also happen to be one of the least sentimental people on the planet.

Mother’s Day was always a big deal in our house.  My sister is the holiday master and would go WAY out of her way to do something spectacular.  I’m apparently much more of a slacker and would come along for the ride.  As an adult, hopefully I’ve gotten better because I’ve always been blessed with a great mom. 

We don’t think alike, we don’t really understand each other but that’s ok too.

Last year was just weird.  Being both a mom and a daughter do you still put on a big hooha for Mother’s Day or do you get to sloth around some?  I was fairly desperate at that point for a sloth moment but travelled to mom’s instead to let her hang with the kiddo.

What about my sister who is doing the lion’s share of caring for my mom but doesn’t have kids? 
When is it her day?

My mom got her hip replaced on Monday and is in the hospital this Mother’s Day and we’re saving-up our visiting time for the long recuperation she is headed for since we’re so far away.  She came out of the anesthetic well which was great.  We were terrified what this might do to her Alzheimer’s.  My sister is a star (as always) and has stayed with her almost 24 hours a day.

I’m sending chocolate covered fruit and balloons to the hospital and have been phoning half a dozen times each day to help keep her entertained while she is totally bedridden.  I would not be thrilled with the balloons (I’ll never turn down chocolate) but my mom will love them.

So what do I want?

I read about a woman (in Real Simple) who started a mom book and each Mother’s Day her kids made another entry.  Her children are mostly grown now (she has SIX! of them-bless her) but they still contribute and the “Mom book” is now a trio that chronicle her children’s lives. 

Shockingly, I think I’d like a mom book. 

Here’s a photo of hers from the Real Simple website.  Check out the article and even if you are not mushy get some kleenex at the ready.


Children's cards for thier mothers