Last week I was more than a little smug by having no food waste.  Well, the wheels fell off the bus and I am making up for it this week.

I’ve got:
1)  1 portion of bean stew (1.50)
2)  Three oranges that decided to commit suicide in the fruit bin (2.00)
3)  A chunk of chilli pork that I TOTALLY forgot about (5.00)
4)  Three strawberries left out over night-the opposite of yum (.35)
5)  A WHOLE loaf of Aces organic olive bread (3.49)

What does this mean? 

How about we relate it to Starbucks trips?  I could have had three, venti, caffeine-laden, full-of-frothy-goodness drinks and instead this money is lying in the compost bin.

This calls for…grilled brie and tomato sandwiches.  These sandwiches are also fantastic if you make them camping over the fire. 

My husband and I came up with the mixture the first time that we camped together as a couple.  On that trip we talked about our future, our potential life together, told each other stories of ourselves as kids and we sat for long periods of time just not saying anything.  Fitzroy Harbour Provincial Park isn’t a place on the Riviera but it will always mean a lot to me.

We really need to go and do something soon just as a couple, I love the babes and would never trade her in a million years but I miss having a real conversation with my very best friend.

For these dreamy sandwiches simply take; hearty, french bread slices and spread with soft goat’s cheese.

Top with thick tomato slices, salt and pepper, whole basil leaves and slices of brie.  Finish off with another slice of chevre, slathered bread. 

Grill in the house, over the bbq or over a campfire with someone that you can share all your dreams with.