1)  Starbucks:  I’ve finally decided what to do with my Starbucks love.   Fridays will be my day to indulge.  I’ll go with my work peeps and have whatever I want.  Once a week will satisfy my cravings and my need to save LOTS of money.  I actually won’t report on this challenge again unless I fall off the wagon.

2)  Pantry challenge:  Soba noodles.  How did I get six packages of soba noodles?  Who needs six packages of soba noodles?  What does one do with six packages of soba noodes?   Why make sesame noodles salad with the first of the season’s chives and garlic ramps.

I’ve made these for years and literally call them sesame noodles.  Use whatever you have in the house to add a bit of colour (jullienne carrot, peppers, celery…) the basic recipe stays the same.  You can make it into a meal with a bit of tofu, chicken, beef or pork thrown in.

1)  Cook a package of soba noodles and cool under running water to stop the cooking process.

2)  In a serving bowl (you don’t really want to dirty another dish do you?) mix; 1/4 cup soy sauce, 3 T. sesame oil, 3 T. rice wine vinegar, 1 T. honey, 1/2 inch grated ginger, 2 cloves minced garlic, chili flakes to taste and 3 T. sesame seeds.  If I have them I like to throw-in a bit of fresh chives or green onions cut on the bias.

3)    Cookbook challenge:  I have this book from the 80’s that just screams “the 80’s”.  I’m pretty sure that it was a giveaway from Shopper’s Drugmart.  I first attempted to make pasta because of this book.  There are nice step-by-step instructions and the memory is a good one too however, I haven’t cracked this book open in over 10 years and space is at a premium.  Donate it is!  And to celebrate I’ll make the recipe that started it all for me and homemade pasta “Rotolo di Spinaci”.  I think that my husband might have actually married me because of this recipe.

4)  The clothing challenge:  This is the hardest of them all.  This week I’ve brought out my big bins of summer clothes.  See what I’m up against?  This is the ever-growing pile.  Oh.  I thought I would get through a bunch of magazines too.

I think a double shot of espresso will help.

Or a picture of these to salivate over:

Christian Louboutin: his tagline is “luxury French shoes”-what a beautiful turn of phrase.

5)  Library:  This is the last time that I’ll report on this challenge too.  I think I’ve got this licked.  However, I have come up with something clever (for me).  Books on CD. 

Before wee one was born I read (on average) 6-10 books/week.  No lie, I’m a bit of a reading freak. 

Now that is just not happening though so I borrow books on CD and listen to them as I travel back -and-forth to work.  It takes forever but I still get to hear something great.

I did have a bit of a breakthrough the other day that told me I didn’t need to report on this challenge for certain. Much to my shame (secret shame, no more) I love to read trashy Vampire novels.  My favourite secret love (again-not so secret) is the “True Blood” series.  I was actually in Chapters and saw the newest in the series.  I had it in my hand, walked towards the cash and [gasp!] put it back.  I ordered it from the library today Dead Reckoning.

6)  Photo challenge:  I’m taking yet another great suggestion from my photography idol and trying to take photos of the food in process.  My descriptions get better when I actually do this and I know that really novice cooks will appreciate the visuals.  I always do, so why haven’t I been adding them in before?