I got lucky enough (thanks to Michelle) to catch a fair amount of a food photography course on creativeLIVE fairly recently put on by Penny De Los Santos (Photo editor at “National Geographic” and “Saveur”.  I was able to put it on in the background during a busy Saturday afternoon and was amazed as they composed beautiful pictures with: lamb kebobs, mussells, eggs and grits…

Obviously with my less than pro camera and my need to actually eat the food that I create I still appreciated a number of the ideas that I got from the class.  A few that I’m going to try to incorporate.

1)  Texture:  I just hadn’t thought of trying to capture the texture of the food and adding depth.  I’ll do this not.
2)  Using different utensils and dishes.  I’m part Irish and we love dishes.  I have an obscene amount of them (will have to sort thorugh at some point) so why do the same dinner plates show-up all the time?
3)  Overhead shots: Shows the depth and liveliness to the food
4)  Framing the pictures:  Cutting off the food or the plate to increase interest
5)  Use of negative space on plates:  Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll do this.  Most of the time I really just need to get food on plates and get it into people as quickly as possible but maybe once a week?

What I really want to avoid is a repeat of my bread pudding picture.  Go ahead-do a search.  It kind of looks like glop.  Brown glop.