I’m hoping that this is a good project to share with the folks on ShabbyNest on Friday.  Have you seen the fab things that they are producing?!

If you are like me and have a kitchen that usually heaves with people you will understand my dilemma.  I need my recycling handy so that I actually recycle but I also need every centimetre of my kitchen space to be useable.  Plus, recycle bins fairly ooze the ugly factor-no wonder some people find it a pain to recycle.

Don’t even mention the ugly floor.  I know (sigh.)

The husband created a very clever solution that we’ve been using for awhile now that I thought I would share.  It’s a window seat with a pull-up seat. 

In the pull-up seat are two IKEA bins that we place all of our paper, carboard, cans and bottles. I don’t normally have the pillows there as the baby likes to look out onto the pergola at the bird feeders but the photo wouldn’t turn-out without blocking some light.
Umm..yeah.  Just couldn’t get this photo to flip.


The cover changes as it gets stained beyond cleaning and I always use material that I have around (right now the fancy black leather top is a former leather skirt) and as such don’t feel badly getting my staple gun out and changing it often.  We used wood that we had in the garage and a louver door that the former owner had left with every chemical they had used to allow for air flow.  Don’t worry about making a bottom to the piece as the recycling is housed by the bins so the mess is contained within.

The little “Pirate” chest is what the babes uses as a stepping stool to hoist herself up.  Then she suckers her grandad into sitting with her for safety.  Oh…and they usually share some contraband chocolate as this point.