You just knew I had to use that lame title didn’t you?  Sort of ages me but…the much-maligned dish is a lifesaver and always good.  I think people just had too many terrible quiches fed to them.
It’s funny how a food trend that goes overboard can make people despise a dish for years to come.  Do you remember a time when everything had either cilantro or sundried tomatoes in it? 
I wonder what will be the most disliked ingredient in the next couple of years?  What would you vote for?
Here are all the fixings you need for a delicious; breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Blob of dough (see pastry demo in the next little while or use a premade crust), 6 eggs, 2 cups of shredded cheese (use cheese that is leftover-this is a rare occurance in my house but one can always hope), handful of vegetables (I used mushrooms this time but you could use anything; peppers, leeks, brocolli, ham, bacon, a combination…), 1 cup milk and a dash of nutmeg.
Mix the eggs, add the milk and nutmeg.  Whisk like your life depended upon it.

Pour into an unbaked pastry shell that has the cheese and veg layered on the bottom.

Bake at 350 until puffy yet firm.  Let sit for a couple of minutes before cutting.  Enjoy with a salad and perhaps some grilled sausages.  Great the next day for leftovers.  Keep in mind; if you use a vegetable with a lot of liquid in it (like I did with mushrooms) you will have a soggy bottom (not something you want in any context) so why not saute the veg for a few minutes before you add them to the quiche?