This week has been up and down.  We have had a lot of company (which in our house means a lot of eating), a lot of upheaval (see yesterday’s yard photos) and now I’m at my mom’s with the babes while the husband holds down the fort.

Before I left I had thrown out; a portion of potato salad (SHAME), a bunch of green onions, 1/2 pint of raspberries (how did you get overlooked?) and a pot of burnt oatmeal (don’t ask).

Prompted by my wish to waste as little as possible and being sort of sickened by the thought of essentially buying groceries twice I packed a really big cooler to go to my mom’s.

In it I’ve got; milk, pears, cheese, and LOTS of eggs. 

A guy that my husband used to work with stopped by last week.  Honestly I only know him as “the egg man” because we used to get a lot of eggs from his fantastic chickens.  His visits are sporadic now but he knows that we will always take as many eggs as he can offer. 

This week I’ve invented a new sandwich just to honour “the egg man”.

I described this lovely treat to a colleague and he has requested it to be called “The Fried Yummy”. Dennis, here you go.

The name of the sandwich almost seems redundant since I don’t think that I’ve ever met a fried food that I don’t like (more’s the pity).

I was leafing through Rachel Ray’s magazine the other day and saw a sandwich WRAPPED IN BACON. Reading the recipe made me want this treat even more but I knew that the scrambled eggs in the middle of the sandwich wouldn’t fly in my house. So here is our version. I served it with a BIG salad and a glass of very chilly, blush wine.

1) Take slices of texas toast or really any thick bread and butter them as if you are making grilled cheese sandwiches. I made a mistake in the grocery store and bought garlic texas toast and the sandwich was amazing. It might not go over quite as well at breakfast time though.

2) Layer on cheddar cheese (you could even use a bit of blue cheese and some slices of pear if you wanted to).

3) Take four eggs and beat until frothy.

4) Wrap the sandwiches in bacon slices, pulling the bacon to wrap them tightly.

5) Dip into the beaten eggs and fry until the cheese is melted.

I managed one of these-the baby just wanted the bacon.