The above is the theme of our lives for the past 10 years and even though the house is growing in the next little bit we still will have a large yard. 

This is both a blessing (we had our wedding in the backyard, eat a lot of great food out of it, have movie nights under the stars…) and a challenge (time to weed?, LOTS of money on plants…).  One of the things that we’ve struggled with are how to have a unified theme to the garden.  We’ve hopefully solved this issue by placing a few modern pieces in beds to tie things in with the inside of the house.  Right now between getting ready for the new build and needing more time than actually exists in the day for a spring clean-up the yard look slightly rougher than I would normally enjoy but I’ll focus on a piece that I really love and ignore the rest of the mess.

Wow, this is the crappiest photo yet!  I’ll have my friend Michelle take a picture of it so that it really does look nice.

This is a neat concrete and steel sculpture that we made.  It acts as a visual anchor in this bed year round from barren winter to the middle of summer when the Russian comfrey and bees stake it out as their personal space and almost cover it completely.

I apologise for not having step-by-step pictures but this project was pre-blog.  I’ll do my best with a description.

We made it by salvaging a bird bath base from the end of our neighbours’ driveway (they were getting rid of it), drilling a hole in the centre large enough to hold a six in tube and concrete mix.  THEN using the existing base coming out of the chunk of steel we propped the two pieces together with some 2×2 stakes until the concrete set (around 72 hours). 

But what is the chunk of steel?  Well, it is the front piece from a very large truck that we bent into a random shape.  We got it for free. 

Total cost for this project was $0 as the only consumable was the concrete mix and we had that already from another project.