I’m pale.  I’m really pale actually.  You can probably guess how pale I am from the child that I produced and the many photos I post of her (sorry about that-miracle, happy mom, yada yada yada).  I’m not built for heat.  My Scottish and Irish ancestors survived BECAUSE they weren’t built for heat (oh. and they were likely slightly stubborn). 

This means when the heat and sunshine comes I work very hard at not getting sunstroke or burnt. It has arrived in spades this week.

For those of you in other parts of the world-this is what Canadians do. 

We complain about the weather.  It’s too hot, or too cold, or we’ve had too much rain or not enough…you get the idea.

 My concern right now though is keeping everyone fed to ward off the crankiness that seems to set in when dinner deadlines are not adherred to WHILE keeping relatively cool.  I’ll explain my lack of air conditioning tomorrow.

Tonight’s treat is going to be: poached eggs on toast with grilled asparagus.

I’ve got some nice bread that I will briefly grill while I do the asparagus.  The asparagus is tossed in balsamic and olive oil with the woody bits trimmed off the ends.

Have a pot boiling with three inches of water that has 1 T. of vinegar added to it.  Break and egg into a cup

and swirl the water clockwise (I don’t know why, it’s just what my Gran always did) and ease the egg into it.
Let poach for 4 minutes (three if you don’t mind oozy whites but that makes me want to barf) and drain on a tea towel.

Grill your bread and asparagus. 

Top your bread with asparagus, then the egg.

You could make a hollandaise sauce but I’m just going to shave a bit of parmesan instead and pretend to be virtuous.