How else could you describe this delicious appetizer that you can literally assembly in the car on the way to someone’s house?

What?  I’m the only one that has agreed to bring something to a party and forgotten until we are ready to leave?

1)  In a bag, before you leave the house pack:  a pepper grinder, a vegetable peeler, a small container with 3 T. of Balsamic in it and a platter.

2)  Run into the grocery store.  Grab (while dodging small children, elderly people with carts and that creepy guy who wants to discuss the ripeness of melons):  a package of prosciuto (the size depends on the size of the group you are going to feed), a bunch of arugula (make sure it is pre-washed or you will have to assemble at your host’s house and the magic will be ruined), a chunk of parmesan and a baguette.

3)  While your partner drives (don’t try and do this while you shift gears, listen to the radio and sing along to the Sesame Street dvd playing in the back) place the arrugula on the platter

top with prosciutto (drap them a little lovingly so that everyone can see how much you care)

shave with your veg peeler (wait for a red light to do this part or that first aid kit in the back of the car will be getting used) parmesan all over the platter.

Drizzle with balsamic (if you are wearing white-don’t do this part until you arrive) and crack a lot of pepper on the top.

Serve with the baguette.

Note:  for the sake of road safety in Ottawa only stunt drivers and a closed course were used 🙂