My little girl’s bathroom has been anything but little girlish.  Granted, as long as there are bubbles in the tub I don’t think that she’s really noticed but I have and it has been bothering me a little bit.

A little bit-like not “I’m up all night, thinking about this and acid rain” but slightly bothered. 

Right now she also shares this bathroom with her Grandfather so I haven’t wanted to overwhelm him with girliness while he waits for his half of the house to be built. 

The room is an ok size and has a terrific skylight to make up for the lack of a window.  We actually found out (now all the siding is ripped off the back of the house) that there used to be a window but it was covered over when that hideous tub surround was put in-huh?

I had painted it from a Chinese, laquer red to a colour called “Black Raspberry” a couple of months ago but I didn’t have the chance or inspiration to primp so there it has stood.  The room actually needs a complete gut but right now with everything else going on, I don’t have the: time, money or patience so primping it is.

Hello, ugly 1980’s brass sliding doors.

 Why, what an unattractive mat on the floor and doesn’t everyone want a potty sitting out in the open?

But yesterday was a Tuesday and I am not a fan of Tuesday’s. 

They are just a non-sort-of day that don’t really do anything but act as a vehicle to get you to Wednesday.   When I was a teen I liked them as we used to be able to get into the movies for $2.00 (don’t laugh-I’m not as young as I am immature) and when “Dancing With The Stars” is on they are fine, as that is results night, but neither of those things are happening now…I digress.

Back to the ugly bathroom.

So.  Last night after work I quickly picked-up the kiddo and we went shopping.  I figured I had $120.00 to spend and I wanted something fun.  I actually thought I would go over-the-top and have tonnes of patterns and colours and lots of little kids things but I just couldn’t do it.

I found a great shower curtain that I used as my jumping-off point and put it on a fun, pink, spring-loaded curtain rod.  Its got jewel flowers on the rings so that is a bit kid-like isn’t it?  Do you like all the unravelled toilet paper-the babes was helping me.  I also picked-up an obnoxious flower mat.

I can’t change the lights right now but I can try to take some of the attention away from them.

  I added a stick-on, mirrored chandelier for a bit of bling. 

 Add a French inspired towel hanger at little person’s height.  I used those removable Command strip things so that it can easily be raised since my wee one appears to grow several inches a month.

 That’s her-a.k.a. “The Blur”

 I found a great two drawer cabinet that is heavy steel and has a weathered, wood top. I’ve put a fun, glass cloche on the top with a dish containing a bunch of antique glass pulls that I’m eventually going to use a clothes hooks.

 Pseudo, French soap pump and dish…

And a stick-on, dry erase board that I can use for monitoring tooth brushing.  I expect my husband will write rude comments on it at some point and sign the kiddo’s name to it.

Not huge, not expensive but done while dinner was in the oven and with the “help” of a one year old.

 It made me ridiculously happy and isn’t that what life is about?