There are a lot of projects waiting to be done around the house this being the biggest one…

The crew has been at the house every day and I might have a poured floor and walls by the end of the week. 

I can’t do much though.  The planning is done and now I can only gather design ideas and wait.  We Type A’s don’t do well just waiting.

What I can do though is a series of small projects that at least make me feel like I’ve accomplished something.  I’ve already shown you my quickie bathroom primp and here is another.

I just finished re-reading “Wicked” and so I have Turtleheart in my head. 

Which brings me to “the turtle”.

Oh yeah, that’s a large and seemingly important post.

You see we’ve been wildly lucky to have friends (sometimes even virtual strangers) give us a tonne of stuff for our little one.   We pay it forward as much as possible to keep karma very happy but I’m always amazed at the things that come our way after they’ve already made other kids so happy.

The turtle got stored behind our garage in no-man’s land last year. 

This year it will need to be moved approximatly seven kabillion times due to “the build” (I jest not) so we won’t be putting sand in it.  Instead we’ll put a bit of water in it on hot Saturdays and have a bit of a splash.

This is what we did recently, at which time I realized that Turtleheart needed a bit of turtle love.

Cue the paint!  I found these great paint pens and went a little crazy.

Turtle needs some happy eyes, curly lashes and a happy mouth.

Every girl feels better with a mani and a pedi. I’m actually just using my own nailpolish. This is a colour that doesn’t really work for me but I think that it’ll accent her green complexion well.

Turtle also needs to pretend she’s a 1960’s love bug and be decorated with flowers!  The colours are a lot more vivid in person but they almost seem muted in these pictures.  Weird.

I think we will call her Sheila Turtleheart. 

Ms. Turtleheart to new aquaintances.

30 minutes of effort and  $10.00 of paint and we’re good.  This was 30 minutes even wit the “help” of my one year old.  Next year I might get even more artsy and paint a fairly accurate depiction of a real turtle shell but this is fun right now and took so little time.

If you had told me three years ago I would be thrilled with a large plastic turtle in my yard and would have even given her a pedicure when I actually need one even more-I would have thought you were nuts. 

I guess a few things have changed around here πŸ™‚

Oh!  And having finally found a larger C form I have used 1/2 a bottle of modpodge (is this like an alien invention?) and covered it in moss.

Much better.