Things seem to move at warp speed so today I’ve decided to slow things down.  I’ll stop on the way home and get fish and chips for dinner, we’ll sit outside tonight and the babes can have as many books as she wants.
The rest of the week we’ve been working on our garden, keeping the house project on track, actually have all of the laundry put away, helping to sell my father-in-law’s house and the fridge is full of healthy, quick things to eat.

Now for a breath. 
I’m worried that if I don’t consciously stop for a minute I’ll miss things like this…
And this…
I don’t think that she notices the weeds-maybe I shouldn’t either.
I also need to make sure that I stop and thank the “Big Guy” enough. 
I guess I’m letting myself out of the Christian closet-aren’t I? 
Everyone needs to find their own way, this is mine.
I’ve never done this before but I’m going to tell all of you to go and do something right now (I’m bossy). 
Go and get a cup of tea or coffee or whatever and take a breath.

Life is good.
Let this be your mantra for the day instead of all the other noise around.
Thanks to Kristen over at Frugal Girl for the proverbial smack-in-the-head earlier this week.
I needed it.