Here is another almost instant appetizer.  You can bring the ingredients with you in the car but it is also easy enough to assemble at your hosts’ house.  It is also really handy to make if someone arrives at your place unexpectedly.

We congregate in our front room when not gardening and you often hear the comment “Who just pulled into the driveway?” 

I love when people drop by.  My parent’s home was like that when we were growing-up and I wanted my house to be like that too.  This also means food.

Like I’ve said before-if someone left hungry, my Mom would somehow know and she would NOT be happy.

I use this over and over in the summer because a few years ago, when we first bought our house, I planted mint.  I actually planted seven different types of mint (chocolate, pineapple, grapefruit etc. etc.).  I planted them in the ground in a coffee tin-that’s what the book said to do to prevent rampant spreading.  Being an English teacher books are where I get all my facts-ergo the well thumbed copy of “What to expect in the Toddler Years”. 

The next year…I had an entire garden full of mint.  I now pull it out by the roots everywhere and use it in: teas, salads, cookies, jelly etc. etc.  This appetizer uses some of my mint.  I spend a lot of the summer doing this…

Take a watermelon and cut into chunks (1 1/2 inches approx. square).

Add a leaf of mint.
Add a small chunk of feta cheese.
Drizzle with Balsamic (vinegar or glaze-just boil the balsamic down) and cracked pepper.

You can also make this into a rather delicious salad and serve with souvlaki or any skewered meat.  I made this after a very long and hot day at work so I just grabbed kebobs from the grocery store on the way home.  Is it still cheating if you admit you were lazy?

Make your watermelon chunks a little smaller and then do the hardest part of this recipe-decide what platter you are going to use.

Sprinkle liberally with crumbled feta.

 Layer on some chopped mint, balsamic and cracked, black pepper.

 I know for certain that this is a great combination because when we sat down to have it the other night all I heard was mmmm…mmmm…sounds and the husband saying “This is my favourite dinner ever”. 

Not bad for a work night meal.  In fact it is so good we’ll have it with our Saturday lunch today.