I was mentioning to my neighbour the other day that I really wanted an old window to paint in a wild colour so that I could hang it under my pergola as part of a redo that I’m slowly getting around to there.

Voila!  She had one in her garage so my cost was ZERO!  You have to love zero. 

I had a really obnoxious pink colour and some chain already.  And here we go…

I’m not going to show the whole area yet as my decorating has gotten derailed by writing report cards but my third draft is now finished and I should be good to get back to some fun.  I hope to have it done by the time my book club later this week. 

I just can’t decide whether to add this “C” or not.  hmmmm…

Now onto a bit of deliciousness!

I really like chocolate covered icecream but I’m sometimes a little disappointed with actual chocolate.  What’s girl to do this time of year?  Make her own version of chocolate heaven. 

After making these I have visions of sitting outside beside my little pond, listening to music and reading a good book but I usually end-up doing laundry.  My bonbons will even make laundry better.

I started with a chocolate layer cookie, you can use OREO’s but I used Late July as I like their chocolate taste even better.  Lay in a pan.  You could actually use any sort of cookie that you are addicted to.  For instance, chocolate covered mint cookie would be amazing with mint sorbet.

Use a small scoop and top your cookie with coconut sorbet (I might even use raspberry next time).

In a double boiler; melt a large bar (500 grams) of dark chocolate with 1 T. of butter.

Spoon the melted chocolate over the sorbet and freeze until hard.  You can be really fussy coating the whole thing and making sure it is perfect but…I like them to look rustic and to be honest they last around this house for all of three seconds.

I feel sort of lucky they even had a chance to harden before they were devoured.