I often have visions of a leisurely breakfast with lashings of homemade hollandaise, three or four cups of rich espresso and a kitchen that magically cleans itself.  This is just not reality though 🙂
So imagine how happy I was when perusing a copy of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s “River Cottage Every Day” book the other night and found the most brilliant recipe.  It’s a fake-out of hollandaise that only requires the same amount of time that it takes your eggs to boil.  Hugh uses two pots but I have mentioned before my extreme dislike of dishes so I used the one pot for everything.
Take two eggs for each person and add to a boiling (salted) pot of water.  Set the timer for exactly 4 minutes.  At the two minute mark add in a bunch of asparagus wthat has the woody stems trimmed.

Get your plate ready.  A bit of nice bread, the asparagus and the eggs in pretty cups (ok, pretty cups not technically part of the recipe).  While the eggs are still very hot add a dollop of butter and a dribble of cider vinegar.  Dip the asparagus in and …..instant hollandaise!  Re-dip and the magic is yours again and again and..