Ahhh…today is the last day of school. 

We had our big ceremony for the kids last night and I rolled in the door at 11:30. 

The kids were terrific and lots of fun was had but an early staff meeting this morning has left me pretty much exhausted and to be honest-more than a bit cranky.

This (ironically) is the first day that the babes hasn’t been put out by my leaving her at the sitter and even though she didn’t cry-I certainly did.

However, now my thoughts are going to seriously turn to happy summer activities.  Being my usual Type A self I even made a list.

So far I want to:
1)  have a big movie night outside for everyone in the neighbourhood and ignore the build
2)  go strawberry picking (luckily the season is late this year)
3)  hang-out with friends and not have to worry about what isn’t done
4)  have my mom to my place for the babes to spend time with her in a safe environment
5)  tie dye shirts with my God kids again
6)  go to the library a lot
7)  go camping
8)  have tea parties outside with my wee one
9)  go for long walks

…remind myself what the primary focus of my universe is

and that I wouldn’t have it any other way.