Apparently, if you are a good mother you chart everything.  You chart; teeth and words and poops and…

I’ve been trying to do this but it was pointed out to me the other day I have once again fallen, sadly short and may have once again damaged my child for all time.

I have not been charting her growth in a meaningful way that can be kept her entire life.

I know.  Bad.
Well, since a number of the walls in my house are either being moved or changed or painted or all of the above I can’t make a permanent chart and honestly-I like to change the house fairly regularily and would truly be a bad parent if I painted over it.  Wouldn’t I?
I’ve taken a yardstick (metre stick to you young folks)
and painted it lightly (you can still see the numbers through the paint).
Note:  hide painted yardstick or you will end-up with little, blue finger marks all over the house.

and I have fun, paint pens leftover from other projects and a child that grows while you watch her.

I took a picture while I was measuring her (gee thanks, Captain Obvious) and when I have a chance I’ll mod podge the photo onto the stick.   I’ll hang the whole on her door when things are a bit more settled in the house.  More growth?   I’ll add another stick 🙂

Whoosh!  Crisis Averted!