Don’t get me wrong I have given up on tomato and brie (  but for the sheer, indulgent factor this sandwich wins.

There are hundreds of different version and you can change up the ingredients and simply use the same method.  It’s name is…Muffaletta but if your family isn’t addicted to the Food Network then pretend that this is just something you figured-out by yourself.

I love to bring this with us on picnics as it is squashy and mush proof and sort of reminds me a of meat cake.


Make or buy a marinated vegetable and olive salad.

I simply take; pickled onions, pickled vegetables, capers, sliced hot peppers, green and black olives and Italian dressing.  If you think about it try and make this the day before and let it mellow in the fridge.  You’ll likely find someone late at night with a fork in it.

Then; take a round Italian loaf and cut off the top.  Scoop out all that unnecessary bread stuff and keep the husk.

Start layering in the goodies; salami, ham, sliced provolone, sliced green and red peppers, vegetable salad (get some of that great dressing in there too) and repeat! 

End with a layer of the salad and top with the bread hat.

Wrap in plastic and refrigerate either overnight or for a few hours.  Slice like a meat cake and sit back, ready to be told you are the best person ever for “inventing the miracle of goodness”.