Uhhh…totally gross.  A head of lettuce just wasted.  This isn’t cheap stuff either-it’s from my organic bin.  Bad.  I know that it still looks green and happy but trust me-it’s rotten all the way through.

My other food waste for the week; a bit of chicken (maybe 1/2 a cup) that just didn’t get eaten and one lonely rice ball.  Not awful but also not zero.

Why fight the heat?  We wait for it all year and now it’s here. 
So why not some sun tea? 

You can have a one year old help if you want but I warn you that most of the ingredients will likely get licked on the way in. 

Editor’s note:  My child normally does dress in more than a diaper but we just had bath time soo…

Oh.  Make sure you jiggle a camera as much as possible because you are getting so much help.

By-the-by, I was reminded to make this by reading thischickcooks-thanks 🙂

In a large pickle jar (be a rebel and choose a mustard or relish jar if you would like) stuff; 8 tea bags (I like Earl Grey), 8 large sprigs of mint, 1 cut-up lemon and 2 big sprigs of lemon balm.

 Jiggle the camera a bit more and have a little hand stuff ingredients in and out of the jar a few times.

 Let sit in the sun for the majority of the day.  Drain and if you would like sweeten with a bit of honey or sugar when you toast the day on the deck 🙂
Decide that even though a lot of what went into the jar was pre-licked that the tea is still totally delicious.