I like to do something each year with my classes to remember them by but I always like it to be useful (admittedly I am more of a pitcher than a keeper). 

I hadn’t decided what to do until the other day when I had to search the house for a very long time for a missing library book.  I’m trying to use the library a lot.  We don’t need any more (read: there are WAY too many already) books in the house until a serious clean-out is done and I’m trying to save money.  The saving the money part is negated when you lose the books though. 

In comes this year’s remembrance item.  A library book bag!

I just got a plain tote and a package of fabric markers.

The criteria that I gave my “kids” was to write 1) something about books in your first language if it isn’t English OR 2) Your favourite book now OR 3)  Your favourite book as a little kid.

I passed it around my 90+ students while they were doing their final English presentations and this is what I got.

I’ve gotten a nice hook and now it’s home is in the kitchen where hopefully I can train everyone to put their library books. 

Wouldn’t this be fun for a birthday activity?