I have a tradition that I would never want to miss.  Each year my dear Michelle and I take the kiddos strawberry picking.  We usually go the first week that school is over and I have a snapshot in my head of each trip that we’ve taken. 
Luckily having a best friend who is also an amazing photographer I have real photos too.
They are some of my very best memories. 
I didn’t think that it could get more fun but unbelievably it is even more special now that I bring my wee one with us.  Last year the babes was just starting to eat real food and loved crawling down the straw row of the patch.  This year she was CRAZY for strawberries and reminded us all of King Kong rampaging through Manhattan (insert monster sound effects here).
However, sometimes you eat a gushy one and it tastes gross.  Easily fixed if you are 18 months.
It’s a really good thing that the patch doesn’t weigh kids on the way in and out. 
So now I have all of these…
 Red Sunshine.
How about a gorgeous smoothie?  Take; 3 cups of hulled berries (you could use any berries), 1 T. of honey, 1 tsp. of lemon juice and 3/4 cups of yogurt.  Top with a full tray of ice and whizz in the blender.  Note:  I’ve done this with flavoured yogurt, goat’s yogurt, plain yogurt, soy yogurt…and it is all delicious.
Pretty glass recommended but optional.  Serves three adults and a voracious kiddo for a light, morning breakfast.
The next thing I’m doing is attempting strawberry jam in the slowcooker (4 lbs. of berries, 1/2 cup of lemon juice and 8 cups of sugar-cook on high for 9 hours and can). 

I hope this works as I’m having difficulty getting my head around how I’ll have a vat of jam on the stove with my helper needing “upem, bupem” all the time and my freezer is too full for freezer jam.

Fingers crossed.