Soo…this is my basement right now. 

They are knocking down the wall to join the old to the new.  It will be great when it is done.  That is my new mantra.

We still have to eat though and I am trying to keep some semblance of normalacy to our schedules so how about grilled steak with salsa verde?

I cut 1/4 cup each of dill and mint from the gardent.  I added three garlic cloves, 2 T. capers,  3 T. canola oil (I had this great fresh pressed stuff that I could just drink-extra virgin olive oil will be just as nice), 2 T. of lemon juice 1 cup of parsley and fresh cracked pepper.

Whiz until smooth in my nifty, hand processor. 
Grill a steak (I like to marinade mine for as long as possible in a really good balsamic glaze), slice on a bias and add to a pita topped with lettuce. 
Garnish with the salsa verde.

 Eat really late at night since you cleaned everything once again after the builders left.