So garbage picking again….

I live in an old neighbourhood and it is going through one of those transition phases that neighbourhoods go through every 30 or so years. The elderly people are moving out and young families are moving in. Since the houses are small but the yards are large we are seeing a lot ofhe houses bought just for their lots and torn down for much grander places. I find it really sad each time we lose another of these places but I guess that change is what keeps the world chugging along.
We’ve opted to add-on to our place to serve our family that has grown rather unexpectedly in the past couple of years with the additon our wee one and my husband’s father.
There is a positive thing (for us) about these old places becoming redundant though. The garbage picking is sometimes scarily good. By garbage picking I mean, everything put at the end of the street and whatever isn’t picked-up by those going by gets picked-up by Goodwill or the Diabetes society.
Here are more photos of what we were lucky enough to find!

I know, you love the paint job. Don’t get too attached-I’m changing it.

Hmmmm…should probably tidy the garage.

I’ve got a new basement to furnish really soon and apparently the babes’ toys breed while we sleep so this will be toy storage galore!
Here is my question though “what colour/colours should I do?”