My food waste was sort of up and down this week.  Honestly, I’m struggling to keep on top of everything while the house is in such a disarray and my mom is now staying with us for a week.  Don’t get me wrong-this is terrific.  We’re taking advantage of her being as lucid as she is for as long as possible but it is another layer in the house.

I managed to not waste any meat this week (a total food sin in my books) especially by making my Asian pork three different ways but the same can’t be said for my vegetable stock.  Into the composter went:  a bunch of arugula, 1/2 a head of celery and 12 (yep-that’s TWELVE) potatoes that I totally forgot about in my potato and onion basket and that looked something gruesome.  So gross that I just couldn’t even handle taking a picture of them.

Not a total fail but I figure this is only about a C+ and I was never happy with a C+ in school.

How about a hot weather dinner (or a hearty appetizer) that gets an A+?
Spicy Chicken Salad Wraps
Take a rotiserrie chicken and strip it of the meat.

 Add:  1 T. of sesame seeds, 1 T. garlic chile sauce, 2 T. hoisen and a dash of soy sauce and sesame oil.

Lay lettuce leaves on a plate (4 is a great serving on a hot night) and top with the chicken and cut-up cucumber and spring onions.  Roll and much away.  If you do have any leftover then just chop your lettuce and top that with the chicken etc.  Great takeaway salad.