So here is the culprit.  I think that my fridge has been chatting to the Mrs’ fridge over the internet and has morphed into something evil.  Just look at all that food-waiting to spoil and make me feel really badly about wasting money.

I’ll foil you!  I’ll take leftover pizza shells, sliced meatballs and leftover bruschetta mix. 

A little time on the bbq and yummy pizzas.
How about those green onions, mayo (1/2 cup), sour cream (1/2 cup), hot sauce (a couple of dashes) and that leftover chunk of blue cheese (about 2 oz)? 
You look like blue cheese spread to me for my beef bourginon burgers.
So!  What did I waste?  Nothing this week actually.  I’m more than a bit shocked. 
But I’ve got my eye on you citrus!