I adore Donna Hay.  Her recipes are always well thought-out, healthy and simple to make for a family.  I especially love finding her magazine in the winter time when the grey in Canada seems to be endless.

A dish that I keep coming back to is a total cheat of a Tiramisu-I’ve simplified it even more.

This is a non-cook, just assemble dessert that noone would be embarrassed to serve to the snottiest company.  Come to think of it though-don’t invite the snotty company.  Have a few girlfriends over and have a good natter.  People who are going to look in the corners of your house for dirt are a waste of the terrific treat.

All you do is take some yummy ladyfingers (I have ones already made with cocoa in them) and pile them like a log cabin.  Sorry for the colour in the pictures-this was late at night but I couldn’t help myself but to take the photos.

Drizzle with a bit of espresso mixed with kahlua (if you aren’t into the hooch then just sweeten the espresso with sugar and a bit of vanilla).

Top with thickened yogurt (I let it drain in a coffee filter for a couple of hours) sweetened with a bit of icing sugar, chunks of dark chocolate and nutmeg.

Shave over some dark chocolate.